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Home Loans

At The Credit Union for All we know that owning your home is a great opportunity, and a great responsibility. If you’re looking for a new house, The Credit Union for All would love to be part of your journey by helping you secure a mortgage. And with our great rates, we hope to help you find the home of your dreams.

Already own a home and need to borrow against your equity? We can help with that, too! The Credit Union for All Home Equity Line of Credit, or second mortgage, is a great way to get the funds for the things you want.

Auto Loans

When you are ready to buy a vehicle, get pre-approved with The Credit Union for All. We offer aggressive rates and a variety of loan terms to provide a payment that fits into your budget. Start the process today by submitting your application for pre-approval. It may be possible to even sign your The Credit Union for All loan right at the dealership to save you time. Learn more about the excellent loan options available at The Credit Union for All.  Apply online now!

Business Loans

Whether you’re looking for financing for commercial real estate, new equipment or vehicles, or business lines of credit, The Credit Union for All is your answer for business lending. Learn more about our business lending programs.

Student Loans

Whether you’re a new student just starting out, or you're headed back for another round, the Smart Option Student Loan® for The Credit Union for All by Sallie Mae® could be your answer to tough tuition questions. Learn more or get started with your application here!

Credit Cards

All The Credit Union for All Visa Credit Cards include ScoreCard Rewards points! It's free and easy to sign up. Just register your card on the ScoreCard Rewards website. Learn more about your many credit options when you choose The Credit Union For All.

Credit Builder Loans

Are you working to rebuild your credit?  Let us help with a Credit-Builder loan.

Payments on these secured loans are reported to the credit bureaus just as they would be for an installment loan or credit card, which is one of the fastest ways to improve your score.

Savings Secured Loan

  • Deposit 105 - 110% of the amount you want to borrow in a savings account*
  • Use the account balance as collateral for your loan
  • Neither your current credit score nor your debt-to-income ratio is a contributing factor for this loan
  • Lower interest rate than a credit card
  • Reported to credit bureaus as an installment loan

Secured Visa Credit Card

  • A debt-to-income ratio must be less than 40%
  • The minimum credit limit is $250
  • 130-150% of credit limit must remain in a The Credit Union for All savings account for as long as this Visa card is active
  • Reported as payments on "revolving" credit

Call us today to learn more: 309.661.1166 or 800.527.2205 or apply online now.

Prefer a paper loan app? Download one here.

*Amount of deposit required varies. Contact the The Credit Union For All Lending Team for details. 

'FOR ALL' Loans

The Credit Union For All members have used their Signature Loans for everything from vacation to medical bills, new dishwashers to debt consolidation. What will you use your loan for? Learn more about Signature Loans from The Credit Union for All.

Debt Consolidation Loans

A Debt Consolidation Loan from The Credit Union for All lets you make just one payment each month, and in most cases can help lower your monthly payments, raise your credit score and eliminate higher-interest debt faster than you ever thought possible! Just ask The Credit Union for All member Malissa, from Clinton:

"The Credit Union for All helped me consolidate my home, auto, business, and student loans. They also helped my husband consolidate his. With their help, our payments are more manageable, and our credit is better, so we can get a mortgage loan and buy a house sooner. Thank you!"

We helped Malissa and her family, and we can help you too! Call 309.661.1166 and ask to speak to a loan officer during business hours, or apply online right now!

Loan approval will be based on individual circumstances. All members may not qualify for the Debt Consolidation Loan program.

Vacation Loans

Is it time to plan your next adventure?  Need a relaxing getaway?  Apply now for a vacation loan!

The Credit Union for All membership required. Applicants must meet underwriting guidelines to qualify for loan approval.